Our team and ambassadors have chosen their
favourite Peacci products to share with you.


"I really loved creating this top coat for you to use at home. It matches the professional gel top coats you would get at a salon. Its innovative gloss lasting formula will extend your beautiful manicure for up to 7 days. It’s as simple as one lustrous coat, which you can air dry or cure in the sunshine. Go on, make everyone Gel’ous."


Vanilla ManiPedi Mask

My favourite Peacci product is the Vanilla ManiPedi Mask. I love to massage in a generous amount before bed to rejuvenate my hands overnight. I have dry skin and this hero product makes such a difference, I also use it on my knees and elbows (desk elbow anyone?). The vanilla scent smells absolutely delicious too…

Marie Clements, Market Insights Lead

Peacci Bonjour

My favourite product is Peacci Bonjour as it is the perfect nude for any occasion. I also adore the Peacci 2-in-1 Base Coat to ensure my nails stay strong and healthy.

Isabella Davies, PR & Social Media Manager

Lime Punch, Peacci Cuticle Oil

I’m absolutely obsessed with the shade ‘Lime Punch’ - especially for a pedi! The pop of neon on my toes is perfect for the summer months but also feel like it is versatile enough to work all year round. The Peacci cuticle oil is also an ultimate handbag essential for me, it smells GORGEOUS and leaves my cuticles feeling so hydrated.

Abbi Wilson, Creative Studio Manager

Peach ManiPedi Scrub, Sealight

I love the Peacci scrub, not only does it smell amazing, but it makes my hands feel velvety soft afterwards. Sealight is one of my favourite shades because it’s a pretty pastel but also bright and eye catching at the same time

Sadie Jordan, Creative Nail Expert and Content Creator

Bonjour, Carrie's Cosmo

When I want to achieve a clean, minimal manicure I always reach for Bonjour, it’s my favourite sheer nail polish because of how easy it is to apply! If I want something brighter, I love using Carrie’s Cosmo from the 90’s baby collection as it’s such a beautiful shade of pink and so pigmented with one coat!

Tiffany Minifie, Team Coordinator, Creative Nail Expert & Content Creator

Lime Punch, Rave On

I’m a lover of all things colour, the brighter the better! Neons are my weakness and I’m always struggling to decide which colour to go with next, some of my absolute favourites are: Lime Punch, Rave on and It’s Britney B*tch. I’ve found that adding a little more vibrancy to your look can really elevate it and make you look and feel much more summery, Peacci has the best collection of colours to help me do this!

Harrison Illingworth, Video & Film Producer

Peach ManiPedi Cream, Cuticle Oil

I love everything about Peacci. My hero product is the Manipedi cream. I use it a couple times a day to keep my hands soft and hydrated. I then use the Cuticle Oil, which helps my nails grow. The Cuticle Oil provides intense hydration and has a gorgeous Peach scent. Highly recommend both. Kisses x

Jodie Cruttenden, Global Brand Ambassador Manager